Singer, Obiora Nwokolobia-Agu, aka Obiwon, has said his switch from secular to gospel music cannot be explained logically.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Some things cannot really be explained naturally or logically, especially when it comes to faith. Along the line of my music career, I encountered Christ and that changed everything.

“I answered a divine call to serve the Christian faith with the music (talent) I have been given. In that journey I have released a few albums and singles. My last album was in 2016. My new body work should be ready before the end of this year.

The singer also noted that it was not easy for him to ‘penetrate’ the gospel music industry. He said, “It was definitely not easy for me. One can proffer a thousand reasons why it is so, but the bottom line is that I own my decisions, the calling I heard and answered. I have seen God’s amazing faithfulness and miraculous preservation despite all the challenges I have faced toeing this path. I am glad for the fruit that my experiences are producing and I’m confident of what this path holds for me and many in the near future.

Source: PUNCH

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