Uefa has ruled that Sweden’s match against Belgium, which was abandoned on Monday amid a terror alert in Brussels, will not have to be replayed.

The Euro 2024 qualifier was abandoned at half-time for security reasons with the score 1-1.

Two Swedish nationals had been shot dead in the Belgian capital earlier on Monday.

European football’s governing body said the result at the half-time interval was “confirmed as final”.

According to Swedish football officials, the two victims were in Brussels to watch their national side play Belgium, 

A third Sweden fan was seriously injured in the attack, which the authorities have said was a “terror attack targeting Sweden and Swedish citizens”.

The 45-year-old man behind the attack was shot dead by police on Tuesday.

Monday’s game started while the gunman was still at large because Belgian authorities and police considered the stadium, which was about five kilometers from the location of the shooting, “the safest place”.

At that point, a large-scale manhunt was under way and Belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level.

The match was then halted at half-time once players and staff learned of the shootings, and supporters were asked to remain in the stadium. 

An evacuation started at about midnight, with the last fans and staff leaving at dawn.


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