With just hours to go before the U.S government is due to shut down, the House of Representatives has agreed to a short-term funding deal.

A bill that keeps the government funded until mid-November but includes no new aid for Ukraine was approved in the chamber by a vote of 335 to 91.

The measure has to be approved by the upper congressional chamber, the Senate, but is expected to pass.

Once signed into law, it will avert a disruption of federal services.

A shutdown, which would place tens of thousands of federal employees on furlough without pay and suspend various government services, was slated to begin today.

But in a dramatic turnaround  yesterday, House Republicans scrambled to pass a temporary funding measure that would keep the government open for 45 more days and make no major concessions on spending levels.

It was backed by more Democrats than Republicans, with as many as 90 Republicans voting against it.

The move was a blow to a small group of right-wing Republicans who have held up negotiations in the chamber with unyielding demands for spending cuts.


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