Defending Johnson in the Commons during the debate, UK Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis said the UK Prime Minister did not mislead the Commons, but made comments about partygate revelations “in good faith”

Boris Johnson will be probed by a House of Commons committee after Memer of Parlaments voted yesterday whether the British prime minister misled Parliament about attending illegal parties in Downing Street during the coronavirus lockdown.

While Johnson was miles away in India on a two-day bilateral visit, MPs shouted “aye” for the Parliament’s Committee of Privileges to investigate whether the UK prime minister knowingly misled Parliament.

The vote, tabled by the Opposition Labour Party, passed without the need of a formal vote as the Conservative Party benches were sparsely attended after the ruling party abandoned a planned amendment to delay the motion.

Under parliamentary rules, UK government ministers are expected to resign for knowingly misleading MPs and correct the record as soon as possible if they inadvertently tell Parliament something false.

Speaking in Ahmedabad, Johnson, said he had “no concerns” about the committee investigation.

Credit: BBC

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