Telecommunications operators are considering jettisoning uniform tariffs, especially on voice services in the country. The implication of the move, if implemented, is that subscribers would be charged differently for telephony services depending on their locations.

The telcos under the aegis of the Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) made this known in Lagos yesterday. Speaking with journalists on the sidelines of the Nigeria eGovernment Summit 2023 organised by Digiserve, the Chairman of ALTON, Gbenga Adebayo, said the body was worried over consistent harassment by states and their agents, who clamped down on telecoms sites and imposed various forms of taxes and levies on service providers.
Adebayo said the body has been speaking against multiple taxation for years while nothing has been done. According to him, as it is, it may not be suitable for members to continue to render services the way they used to be.

“It may not be appropriate to continue to have one national tariff because the cost of providing services in one region is high, services in different regions should reflect the cost-of-service provision. If you have a state that has imposed 50 different taxes on the operator, the telcos need to pass it on to the subscribers there. Otherwise, we would remain on this issue for many years to come.”

The ALTON boss said telcos have spoken to the NCC about the issue, saying that they think the new move is the only way to mitigate the issue of multiple taxation and levies across state

Credit: Guardian

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