China is halting co-operation with the U.S in several key areas including climate change, military talks and efforts to combat international crime.

China, which also announced it was sanctioning Nancy Pelosi and her family, views the visit as a challenge to its claims of sovereignty over Taiwan.

The measures were announced by China’s foreign ministry yesterday. It said dialogue between U.S and Chinese defence officials would be cancelled, while co-operation on returning illegal immigrants, climate change, and investigating international crime would be suspended.

The decision to halt co-operation was taken because Ms Pelosi visited Taiwan “in disregard of China’s strong opposition and serious representations,” the Chinese ministry said in a statement.

It also accused the U.S delegation and Ms Pelosi – who is the highest-ranking U.S politician to travel to the island in 25 years – of “egregious provocations”.

In a message posted on Twitter yesterday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying criticised US foreign policy by comparing it to the police killing of George Floyd, the unarmed black American whose death in 2020 sparked global anti-racism protests.

Credit: BBC

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