Suella Braverman has launched a full-scale attack on her old boss Rishi Sunak, a day after he sacked her as home secretary.

In a blistering letter to the prime minister, she said he had repeatedly failed on key policies and broken pledges over immigration.

Mr Sunak had adopted “wishful thinking” to “avoid having to make hard choices”, she wrote.

And she accused him of having “no real intention” of keeping his promises.

Mrs Braverman, a leading figure on the right of the party, claimed she struck a secret deal to serve in Mr Sunak’s cabinet in exchange for a series of commitments after Liz Truss’s premiership imploded last year.

Her support, she added, had been a “pivotal factor” in allowing Mr Sunak to win the support of Tory MPs and enter No 10.

A No 10 spokesman thanked Mrs Braverman for her service, but added: “The prime minister was proud to appoint a strong, united team yesterday focused on delivering for the British people.”

In her letter, the former home secretary told Mr Sunak he had “manifestly and repeatedly” failed to deliver on policy priorities.

Mrs Braverman was sacked from her role after opponents accused her of stoking tensions ahead of pro-Palestinian marches in London.


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