The South African army said Monday it had deployed 10,000 troops to help the nation’s east coast recover from storms that have claimed 443 lives and ravaged infrastructure.

Some of the troops include plumbers and electricians to help restore power and water, which have been cut off in some areas for a week.

The troops are also providing field accommodation and water purification systems, the army said.

The deadliest storm on record dumped apocalyptic levels of rain on the city of Durban and the surrounding area of KwaZulu-Natal province.

Some 40,000 people were left homeless and more than 550 schools and nearly 60 health care facilities have been damaged, according to government tallies.

The government has announced an immediate one billion rand ($68 million) in emergency relief.

Funerals are being held across Durban even as grim tales of the catastrophe continue to emerge.

Source: PUNCH

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