Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has faulted those of the school of thought that killing is the punishment for blasphemy, saying Prophet Muhammad never killed for blasphemy during his time despite insults from his critics.
Gumi stated this during his religious teaching class in his Kaduna Juma’at mosque.
He said if the Prophet refrained from killing or attacking his transducers and those who blasphemed him while alive, those killing for the same offense have no justification for their actions.
The Kaduna-based scholar made the clarification in a video clip while reacting to the killing of a female Christian student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State over a blasphemous statement.
The cleric added that rather than kill for blasphemy, Muslims in the country must strive to showcase the beauty of their religion by coexisting with non-Muslims and showing how beautiful the Prophet lived by adhering to his teachings on how to live peacefully with others.
While condemning the resort to extra-judicial killings, Gumi reiterated that Nigeria is a secular state and religious law cannot be used in countries like Nigeria.

Source: Punch

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