A Kyiv court today ruled that a 21-year-old Russian soldier who killed a civilian was guilty of war crimes and handed him a life sentence, in the first verdict against Moscow’s forces since their invasion.

Judge Sergiy Agafonov said the court has found that (Vadim) Shishimarin is guilty and sentences him to life imprisonment .

Shishimarin, a Russian sergeant, admitted earlier in court to killing 62-year-old Oleksandr Shelipov in the first days of the Kremlin’s offensive in northeast Ukraine.

He was also found guilty of premeditated murder.

The Russian soldier told the court last week that he shot Shelipov under pressure from another soldier as they tried to retreat and escape back into Russia in a stolen car on February 28th, the fourth day of Moscow’s invasion.

The Kremlin said before the sentencing Monday that while it was “concerned” over Shishimarin’s fate, it was unable provide on-the-ground assistance because there is no Russian diplomatic presence in Ukraine.

Source: BBC

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