The right-wing populist Law and Justice party is on course to win most seats in Poland’s general election, an exit poll suggests, but may struggle to secure a third term in office.

Known as PiS, it is set to win 36.8% of the vote, with the centrist opposition on 31.6%, says the Ipsos poll.

Donald Tusk’s Civic Coalition is aiming to bring an end to eight years of PiS rule under leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

And if the exit poll proves correct he may have a greater chance of victory.

“Poland won, democracy has won. This is the end of the bad times, this is the end of the ruling party, PiS,” he told a large crowd of jubilant supporters in Warsaw.

Mr Tusk appeared to loud cheers and chants of his name. Supporters appeared stunned by the exit poll, which confirmed their earlier hopes when they saw turnout was higher than four years ago.

The ruling party leader warned supporters it was unclear that they would win another term of office, in a speech broadcast by state TV within moments of the exit poll being published.


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