Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino said he “trusts in the car but it is the driver that is the problem” amid the ongoing debate around the use of video assistant referee technology.

Liverpool were wrongly disallowed a goal against Tottenham last weekend because of “a significant human error”.

Pochettino says he is in favour of the technology but would like to see its use during matches simplified.

While insisting he trusts VAR after initially being critical, Pochettino said he would only keep the offside and goalline aspects of the technology.

Luis Diaz’s goal was incorrectly disallowed at 0-0 last Saturday despite being clearly onside as a breakdown in communications between the on-pitch officials and VAR teams meant the original decision was not overturned.

Also speaking yesterday, Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou accepted Liverpool were denied a “legitimate goal” but said it was “clear it wasn’t an integrity issue” which caused the error.

Credit: BBC.