Rwanda’s leader, who has been in power for two decades, has said he would consider remaining in office for another 20 years.

Paul Kagame told newsmen he would stand for president again at the next election in 2024.

In 2015 he changed the constitution, allowing him to stay until 2034.

In the last presidential election five years ago, official figures showed he won 99% of the vote, which many outside the country dismissed as a sham.

Asked if he would seek re-election, Mr Kagame, who is 64, said: “I would consider running for another 20 years. I have no problem with that. Elections are about people choosing.”

Mr Kambanda says Rwandans already live in a climate of fear, and alleges that more than one minister has told him that they remain in government because they fear being assassinated if they leave.

President Kagame however has fiercely defended Rwanda’s record on human rights, most recently at a Commonwealth summit in the capital Kigali in June.

Months earlier, in April, the UK announced controversial plans to send some asylum seekers who reach its shores to Rwanda for processing and potential asylum there instead.

Credit: BBC

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