Shanghai’s Covid -19 lockdown has left thousands scrambling to stock up on supplies, while others quarantine in their offices to keep business running.

After weeks of isolated compound lockdowns, the city of 25 million has been split into two.

Earlier this week those living in Shanghai’s eastern half were told to stay home, with the western half due to enter a lockdown on Friday.

The move comes as the city battles a surge in Omicron Covid cases.

The city has reported around 20,000 Covid-19 infections since March,1,registering more cases in four weeks than in the previous two years of the pandemic.

China’s zero-Covid strategy has been increasingly challenged by the highly infectious Omicron variant.
Officials in China’s cosmopolitan financial capital had earlier attempted to keep the city running by limiting lockdowns to select neighbourhoods or buildings.

But on Sunday authorities announced a mass lockdown that saw the city being split along the Huangpu River.

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