Pakistan’s top court has ruled that a move to block a parliamentary vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan was unconstitutional, paving the way for his possible removal.

Mr Khan’s ruling party has refused to hold a no-confidence vote which would have ousted him but his government then dissolved the parliament and called for a snap election.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khan claimed without evidence that the political opposition was in a conspiracy with the U.S to remove him because of his friendly relations with Russia and China in which washington has strongly denied his claim.

The political blindside outraged the opposition which immediately launched an appeal with the Supreme Court.

The deputy speaker of the parliament who is also a supporter of Mr Khan had justified his decision to block the vote on the basis of foreign interference.

However, the Supreme Court yesterday found that Mr Khan’s move to block the no-confidence vote on Sunday was contrary to the constitution and the law and had no legal effect.

Credit: BBC

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