The MacArthur Foundation in conjunction with the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch have urged states of the Federation to emulate Ondo and four other top performing states in order to improve their governance performance rating.

This follows the 2023 Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Index report in conjunction with the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch, which placed Ondo State ahead 33 other states of the federation.

The Sunshine state followed after Ekiti and Kaduna states in a rare feat that showed the Akeredolu administration proving its mettle in six key areas which include Accessibility, Open budget, Public Procurement, Human Resources, Anti-Corruption and Citizen Engagement, thus obtaining a clean bill in transparency and accountability in public fund management and the implementation of public policies.

The rating says it is noteworthy that the present government since inception in 2017 has promoted fiscal discipline and accountability which enabled it to navigate its way through the difficult times, such as the global economic meltdown occasioned by the Covid 19 pandemic and attendant dwindling revenue from the center.

According to the performance rating, the administration’s adherence to accessibility, open budget with clear evidence of probity in public procurement lent credence to a well-established tradition of transparency and accountability in public fund management and implementation of public policies.

Information Commissioner, Chief Mrs Bamidele Ademola-Olateju while speaking against the backdrop of the feat said the Akeredolu administration has always emphasized that round pegs be put in round holes, while not shying away from the need to plug all leakages to conserve funds for people-oriented projects.

She said proactive citizen engagement does not leave any room for nay Sayers and detractors to derail it; all of which have become the unique selling point of the administration, making it difficult to be glossed over by anyone.

She said notwithstanding the period of Mr Governor’s medical leave of absence and his convalesce of recent, his visionary leadership and transformational mindset meant all his political associates must work in line with the positive characteristics of his administration.

Mrs Ademola-Olateju noted that the latest rating of the MacArthur Foundation is not only an undeniable proof that Ondo state is working but also an eloquent testimony that the Arakunrin Akeredolu administration has all it takes to sustain its preeminent status in the nation’s comity of thirty six states.

Going forward, She said the reward for hard work is more work, noting that the enviable position which the State presently occupies can only be a launching pad for the state government to throw itself into more work, adding that the Akeredolu government is prepared to breast the tape in delivering social deliverables in the coming year, just as it keep its eyes on the ball so as to finish well and strong.

The MacArthur Foundation and the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch are international non-governmental and non-partisan bodies that support people and organizations working to address a variety of complex societal challenges as well as promoting accountability and transparency within the public sector to ensure good governance at all levels.

Williams Olufunmi
Director, Electronic & New Media,
Ondo State Ministry of Information, Orientation & Mobilisation.

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