The Mining Cadastral Office has launched the Electronic Mining Cadastral Plus platform to enhance the digital administration and management of mineral titles in the country.

Speaking in Abuja, the Director General of Nigeria Mining Cadastral Office, Simon Nkom, said that the eMC+ platform would ensure transparency and accessibility of information.

He said: “It is an electronic mining cadastral system and you are very much aware the mandate of the Nigerian mining cadastral is administration and management of mineral titles. So we must be able to now do it in the best way possibly.

“And at the end of the day, it is in line with the law, because when you look at practices of mineral titles in the world, you will know that there is a need to be able to now spice it up with principles, which are simply like priority, transparency and a lot of things which make it different from other countries and makes people to come here.”

He added that with the new platform, local and foreign miners or investors could request a mining licence from anywhere in the world with just a phone or personal computer.

He also noted that through the new upgrade, the country could have an increase in revenue generation.

He disclosed that the transition to a more digitalised platform was through the support of a German consulting firm.