A legal expert, Tolu Abisagbo, has challenged leaders in the country to fix the rot in the system and make it a safe haven for residents.

He made this known on The Crest Breakfast show while addressing circumstances surrounding Nigeria’s agreement with the United Kingdom for the deportation of criminals into the country.

Abisagbo added that people will only be willing to stay in the country if it is economically and socially fit for them to live in.

He however noted that the law might not warrant anyone who has been involved in criminal offenses to determine the conditions for serving their jail terms even if they prefer to do so abroad.

It would be recalled that about 3,019 were deported for Several criminal offenses from the United States within the last three years and it is thought that the latest agreement between Nigeria and the United Kingdom might see the return of more for similar reasons.

Credit: Crest FM

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