A legal expert, Emmanuel Rotji, says anyone occupying the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria must be someone that is seen to be living above board in terms of transparency, fairness and integrity associated with the judicial system.

Rotji made this known while featuring on Crest FM’s morning programme, The Crest Breakfast Show, where issues surrounding the resignation of Ex Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Mohammed that paved way for the installation of Kayode Ariwoola as the new CJN were discussed.

Rotji said the talks about irregularities in documents and suspected financial misappropriation should be an issue that should be wound around an occupier of such elevated offices.

On the threat to jail landlords who accommodate internet fraudsters, the legal expert noted that such move infringes on the tenancy law as enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution.

He added that such call might also constitute an infringement of the fundamental rights of the proposed tenants or landlords.

Credit/ Crest FM

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