A legal expert, Femi Emmanuel has decried inadequate awareness and orientation of political happenings as a possible reason for the disenfranchisement of some eligible voters in Nigeria.

He gave this reservation while reacting to the delisting of 1.1 million persons from the list of registered voters by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) on Crest Fm’s programme The Crest Breakfast show.

Emmanuel noted that though INEC might not have been at fault for double registration by prospective voters, migration might have been responsible for these actions, especially if they are not well educated about needed steps to take to avoid double registrations.

Speaking on the concerns of the Court of Appeal that it might not be able to prosecute the 2023 election tribunals successfully owing to lack of funds, the legal luminary expressed concerns of possible arm twisting of the Judiciary due to lack of adequate trainings, and wherewithal to pave way for the selfish gain of some politicians.

INEC had earlier revealed that 96.2 million voters were captured at the recently concluded continuous voters registration exercise, however with the delisting of 1.1 million of these voters, 95.2 million voters are now expected to determine Nigeria’s next President.

Credit: Crest FM

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