Thousands of ethnic Armenians are without shelter in Nagorno-Karabakh’s main city after fleeing Azerbaijan’s military assault on the region.

Karabakh officials told Newsmen that many families had been separated by Azerbaijani army positions and did not know if their relatives are alive.

But they said ceasefire terms were being implemented, with evacuations of the wounded and delivery of aid.

The International Red Cross said it had delivered 70 tonnes of supplies.

It was the first convoy to reach the disputed territory since Azerbaijan captured it in a lightning operation five days ago. Russia says it has also delivered aid.

Nagorno-Karabakh is recognised internationally as part of Azerbaijan but large areas of it have been controlled by ethnic Armenians for three decades.

At least 200 ethnic Armenians died as Azerbaijan’s army swept into the enclave. About 60 Azerbaijan troops are believed to have been killed during the assault.

Now, displaced from villages and separated from relatives, several thousand people were sleeping in tents or the open air near the airport in Stepanakert, known as Khankendi by Azerbaijan, Karabakh officials said.


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