Hundreds more migrants have been allowed to disembark from one of four boats Italy had blocked from docking.

The move brings an apparent end to the days-long saga after about 500 migrants were held offshore by authorities.

They had been rescued by charity ships last month during crossings from North Africa to Europe.

All 213 migrants on the Geo Barents will be allowed to leave the vessel, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said yesterday.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has said she wants to stop people traffickers “deciding who enters Italy”.

Her right-wing government has been criticised for denying safe port to the rescue boats.

MSF tweeted last night that following an “assessment of vulnerability” conducted by health authorities, all those on the Geo Barents would be allowed to disembark.

Speaking from onboard the vessel, MSF’s Riccardo Gatti said: “they are really happy to receive the information from the health authorities that finally all the survivors that they have on board will be disembarked soon.

Credit/ BBC

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