The Middle East is on the “edge of an abyss” as a result of the war between Israel and Hamas, U.N agency chief Philippe Lazzarini has told Newsmen.

The commissioner-general of UN relief agency UNRWA said violence could spill over across the region.

And he warned about the dire situation for civilians inside Gaza, calling again for humanitarian aid corridors into the territory.

Mr Lazzarini said he fears “the world is now losing its humanity”.

In an interview with newsmen, Mr Lazzarini reiterated calls for humanitarian aid corridors, saying help “needs to be uninterrupted… predictable [and] meaningful” to help the people of Gaza.

Speaking in Jerusalem, the head of UNRWA condemned Hamas’s attack on Israel, calling it a “horrific and barbaric massacre” that had created a “national trauma, a collective trauma in Israel”.


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