Hungary’s government will assume emergency powers in order to be able to respond more quickly to challenges created by the war in neighbouring Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

Orban, who won a fourth consecutive term in an election early last month, has used the special legal order in the past, once due to Europe’s migrant and refugee crisis and later during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new state of emergency similarly empowers Orban’s government to approve measures by decree.

In a video posted on Facebook , Orban said that the war in Ukraine represents “a constant threat to Hungary” which was “putting our physical security at risk and threatening the energy and financial security of our economy and families”.

Orban said his government’s first measures would be announced today.

The move came after Orban’s ruling party passed a constitutional amendment on Tuesday allowing for legal states of emergency to be declared when armed conflicts, wars or humanitarian disasters were taking place in neighbouring countries.

Credit: Al Jazeera

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