Dutch police have arrested a gunman who killed at least two people in twin shootings in the city of Rotterdam.

They says the male attacker opened fire in a home before setting it alight, then stormed the city’s Erasmus Medical Center yesterday.

He was a student at Erasmus University, which is affiliated with the hospital.

A woman, 39, was killed in the first shooting. Her 14-year-old daughter was seriously injured. A male lecturer, 46, was shot dead at the hospital.

Footage has emerged showing a man in camouflaged clothing being taken from the hospital building in handcuffs. The motives for the attack were not immediately known.

Reacting to the shootings, Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said “we have been shocked by a horrible incident”.

And Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte wrote in a post on social media: “My thoughts go out to the victims of the violence, their loved ones and to all the people who have been in great fear.”


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