Four prisoners have died and 61 have been injured following a major fire at Iran’s notorious Evin prison.

Sources inside the prison which is known for housing political prisoners have told newsmen Persian the number of casualties is higher.

Videos shared online showed flames and smoke at the site in Tehran, and gunshots and explosions could be heard.

The fire followed weeks of anti-government protests across Iran.

Hundreds of those taking part in protests have been sent to Evin prison. It is not known whether the situation at the jail is linked to the demonstrations.

The protests first erupted last month after the death of 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian Mahsa Amini in police custody. Officials said she died of a heart attack, but her family disputed this, saying she was beaten by morality police.

Speaking from inside the prison, Tehran’s governor told state TV that there was a riot in a wing of the prison housing petty criminals.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Mizan News has said the injured developed breathing difficulties during a fire at the prison’s sewing workshop.

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