A Historian, Dr Adetunji Ogunyemi has declared that only restructuring done majorly through complete reworking of the constitution can guarantee a truly united Nigeria and totally put out the fire of agitation being kindled in different parts of the country.

Dr Ogunyemi gave the submission while speaking on over a hundred years of amalgamation and Nigeria’s unity on the Crest Breakfast show.

Ogunyemi noted that the present system where it seems the commonwealth of a section in the country would be used to cater for other regions at the expense of the development of the owners is something that needs to be readdressed urgently.

He also suggested that the status of federalism should be reworked such that each region be allowed to grow at its pace by management of its own resources while contributing in a fair process into the federal coffers.

Ogunyemi however charged the elites in the country to eschew greed and selfishness and work assiduously towards the improved welfare for all and Sundry.

Credit: Crest

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