President Joe Biden has vowed continued U.S support for Ukraine, after further military funding was excluded from a last-minute congressional budget deal.

The temporary measure, pushed through to avert a government shutdown, did not include $6bn (£4.92bn) in military aid for Kyiv – a top White House priority.

Hardline Republicans oppose further military aid, with many openly opposing Mr Biden’s approach to the war.

But on Sunday Mr Biden said Ukraine could “count on” U.S support.

“We cannot, under any circumstances, allow U.S support to Ukraine to be interrupted,” Mr Biden said.

The U.S has already supplied some $46bn (£37bn) in military aid to Ukraine since Russian launched its full scale invasion in February 2022.

President Biden has requested another $24bn (£19bn).

And in recent months the U.S has sent state of the art equipment to Kyiv – including long-range missiles and Abrams tanks. It comes as Kyiv’s forces continue to launch a slow moving counter-offensive in the south of the country.


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