A public affairs analyst, Gbola Oba, has urged political leaders to discard divisive tendencies for the progress of the country’s democracy.

Oba who was speaking on the crest breakfast show, opined that Nigerians have seen democracy at work, though it is not perfect as there are still gaps to be closed, and processes to be improved upon.                      

He attributed the woes of the country to poor leadership, enthronement of corruption, little or no respect for the rule of law, and disregard for institutions established to ensure the smooth running of the society which includes the electoral umpire, INEC.                                

Oba who is neither satisfied nor discontent with the electoral act 2022, believes there is still much to be improved upon in Nigeria’s electoral system.                                

The social commentator said for the increasing insecurity to be stemmed, government should immediately allow willing states to establish their police force, equip security agencies and boost the morale of security personnel in the country.


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