Thirteen-year-old Nigerian-born Emmanuella Mayaki has set a new record as one of the youngest persons to be accepted into a university in the United States.

Mayaki was accepted into the Programme for the exceptionally gifted at the Mary Baldwin University, US, to study Computer Science in the spring

Mayaki’s letter of admission made available to newsmen in Benin read, “Dear Emmanuella, congratulations on your acceptance to the Programme for the exceptionally gifted at Mary Baldwin University! Welcome to the PEG class of 2026.”

She scored a 91 percentile mark of 1,300 in her Scholastic Aptitude Test.

One of Mayaki’s personal accomplishments at age 11, in the year 2020, was the opening of an Information Communications Technology Academy for girls in Abuja, Nigeria.

The academy was her mission to provide sustainable empowerment for the girl child to acquire digital skills and to close the gap on digital literacy, and for training and equipping youngsters in digital technology.

Mayaki said the academy had a vision of securing the future of the girl-child.

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